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“Had a good time with family, great food and great service”


“Bring your friend and family here. Good ambiance and good food.”


“Had set up my office meeting in here, Very good service.”


About Us

Our farm-themed restaurant is a hub of creative and healthy foods for our esteemed diners who relish locally-sourced food. We treat our diners to a feast on fresh seafood, local, seasonal, and fresh meals sourced directly from the farm and fish boat, and finally into the kitchen for culinary wonders.

Our food is cooked from scratch to bring a nostalgic feeling of comfort to our customers. We also desire to give our diners homegrown tastes. Therefore you’ll find homemade appetizers, desserts, bread, and soup on our menu.

We have healthy choices of foods for the kids so that our farm-theme restaurant will be a destination for family and friends.


Rosemary H. Williams
Culinarian and Owner, Green Pastures Restaurant

My initial engagement in the restaurant business started in Decorah, Iowa, at 15 years old on a pleasant summer holiday.

As a high school student, I helped my mechanic father at his automobile repair shop; meanwhile, my brother, who loves to eat, worked at a restaurant in Decorah named Wine and Dine. He proposed that I applied to work in the kitchen of the same restaurant.

I remember telling the interviewer that my love for food transcends beyond an escapade. In response, the interviewer asked that I don myself in the restaurant’s chef attire. A decisive moment that would inspire me to own a restaurant.

At Wine and Dine, I learned extensively from food connoisseurs like Chef Simon Daniel, owner of Wine and Dine & formally, of Simon Grill. He made the most delicious sandwiches and salad. It was a blissful and rewarding experience working at Wine and Dine for four years.

Subsequently, my best friend, Sandra Jakes, suggested I applied for a cookery program in Dallas. I was admitted. The culinary academy made me realize how much I wanted to be a part of the cookery hemisphere. I learned about a variety of ethnic meals from Asia, the Middle East to North America.

Upon joining the culinary salon team, I was opportune to tour the United States and Asia with the team. We also came first place at the regional American Culinary Federation. The experience was a memorable part of my journey in the culinary academy.

My friend in the academy used to love food grown before her eyes just like me. This addiction made me start my farm-themed restaurant in the Spring; dishes will include producing directly from our local markets. I made many friends with the local farmers in my community, and green pasture restaurant was born and is here to stay.

– Rosemary Williams

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